Cash-strapped play gym shuts its doors for good

The Play Gym, Upper Bonegate, Brighouse, which has closed suddenly
The Play Gym, Upper Bonegate, Brighouse, which has closed suddenly

A POPULAR children’s play gym has had to close due to financial reasons.

The Play Gym in Upper Bonegate was a popular venue for parents and children but around two weeks ago the indoor soft play area closed suddenly, sparking speculation about the reasons behind it.

Owner Anna Walshaw had run it for the past two and a half years. “I had hoped that we would be able to keep borrowing to keep it a float but we weren’t able to and so we had to close.”

The Play Gym opened seven days a week and Anna was there most of the time. “It was an incredibly hard decision to make and an emotional one.”

The business included climbing frames and a ball pool for play time during the day and was used for private parties.

Anna said she had done her best to contact people. “I apologise that many parents have been disappointed with the abrupt closure of The Play Gym and the fact that parties had to be cancelled without notice.

“However, all party parents have been contacted to ensure their party payments and £20 deposits are refunded as soon as possible. Of the 32 bookings, 20 have been refunded already, and the remainder have requested a refund by postal order which will be received before the end of this week.

“Under no circumstances will any parents not be refunded for their party booking. I once again apologise for the inconvenience their will no doubt have caused many families, but they must be assured that they will not be out of pocket.”

Anna who lives in Brighouse said it was her dream job. “I tried to make a business work and I was unable to do that,” she said. “We had a loyal customer base, some who have become good friends. It was really lovely.”

On the Play Gym’s Facebook page, Michelle Rowlands wrote: “It’s really sad to see you go. I wish u all the best in the future! X x”

Catherine Stead wrote: “My children have loved coming to the Play Gym over the years and you have done a great job with the place....will be such a shame not to see you there anymore...Good luck with whatever happens next xx”