Bitter feud erupts after years of unfinished work

Councillors Graham Hall, Colin Raistrick and resident Sally Lambert in Prospect Way, Bailiff Bridge
Councillors Graham Hall, Colin Raistrick and resident Sally Lambert in Prospect Way, Bailiff Bridge

A bitter feud has erupted between villagers and a major housing developer over unfinished work.

Beechwood Park in Bailiff Bridge was built over ten years ago but for years residents have been campaigning for speed humps to be re-instated and a play area, that was deemed unsafe, to be replaced.

Persimmon Homes are responsible for the estate and promised that a new park, which consists of one piece of equipment, would be installed almost six months ago.

The park has now been placed but two benches and some shrubs are still needed to complete the area.

Resident Girish Mistry said the state the contractors left the area in was a disgrace. “The road was really bad after they had installed the play equipment and I had to come out with a broom because there was mud everywhere. They came and dug out and just don’t seem to have a care, just get the job done and out.

“They have even damaged the pavement and someone could fall over it.”

But one of the major concerns is the speed humps, which were originally at each of the junctions. But when the final layer of the road surface was placed the speed humps were removed despite them being shown on the plan.

Resident Sally Lambert has been in contact with Persimmon. “The speed some cars go along here is quite scary. If they were to hit a child, they would stand no chance. Persimmon over promise and currently under deliver. They have built so many homes and we are still waiting for them to finish a tiny bit of park.

“They are passing the buck to the council. They told us they were happy to put the speed humps back but they couldn’t without council permission. However they are on the plans. I would understand if they had never been here to start with but they were.”

The entrance to Beechwood Park has been left as a dumping ground according to residents and they had to campaign for a pedestrian crossing in Bradford Road even though it in the planning permission.

“We bought our house because we wanted our children to play in a safe environment. It is such as lovely community,” said Mrs Lambert.