Author’s dream led to first novel

Tony Mead, chair of Waring Green Community Association
Tony Mead, chair of Waring Green Community Association
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A BRIGHOUSE author has released his first novel.

While working as an entertainer on cruise ships for several years, Tony Mead gained a love of the sea and reading.

Guilty of Honour by Brighouse author Tony Mead

Guilty of Honour by Brighouse author Tony Mead

He took this love and channeled it into a book crafted after the likes of R. L. Stevenson and C. S. Forester, his favourite authors.

Guilty of Honour is his attempt to recreate an action packed world of adventure, romance and swashbuckling heroism.

Tony has always been interested in writing, particularly storytelling. He began writing over 30 years ago but apart from articles on the internet this is his first published novel.

He has held jobs as an engineer, shopkeeper, artist and musician, and now hopes to add author to his CV.

Tony said: “The story tells the tale of an unlucky boy named Ben Stone. Ben flees for his life one day after the wicked brother of his sweetheart, Ruth, is accidently killed. He runs because he fears that he will be blamed. His attempt to stay hidden from the world fails as he is press ganged into the Royal Navy.

“He makes a good life for himself there, but his past comes back to haunt him.

“Standing trial for a crime he did not commit, Ben most prove his innocence and clear his name before it is too late.”

Tony is hoping that his book, published by AuthorHouse, will resonate with readers. “The hero upholds the principles of honour, duty and loyalty,” he said.

As well as trying to become a reowned author, Tony has recently taken over as chair at Waring Green Community Centre.

The novel is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well as Fred Wades in Halifax, and The Bookcase in Hebden Bridge.