A helping hand to a new career

THE unemployed are being encouraged to get back into learning to improve their chances of getting a job.

The GMB Community Organising Project based at Clifton House, Clifton Road, Brighouse, has an IT suite and conference room as well as individual meeting rooms as part of a service they offer to people looking for work.

The idea of the project is to enhance peoples skills and knowledge through education.

Emma Bew who runs the project in Calderdale, Kirklees and Bradford, said: “We encourage people back into learning to gain the skills and more qualifications. Times are changing and we all need more skills than ever before.

“We look at the basic skills such as literacy, numeracy and ICT qualifications and are trying to reach out to young people and community groups.

Emma said they did CV writing, interviewing techniques and how to write a covering letter for people who have been in long term employment.

“Since all the cutbacks and people being made redundant we are noticing a massive increase. Therefore you can appreciate the high demand for the work we are doing,” she said. “The GMB project, which is six months into a two-year scheme, works closely with people who have been recommended via authorities such as the job centre.

“We are trying to make learning as accessible as possible. It can become part of a daily routine to come to the centre if it is within the area. We have got relationships and partnerships with local community groups and we are working with them to create learning centres within their community.”

“The whole project is very successful. It gives people the confidence in their own abilities. Just from a recent training programme at a community centre in Paddock we got three people back into work and from another centre four.

“Feedback from people is that they have received great benefits from the learning sessions. We just want to break down the initial barriers for people to return to work who haven’t done anything for many years.”

People who would like to know more about GMB should call 01924 887277 or to speak to someone at the Brighouse office call 0845 337 7777.