Business is icing on the cake for Louise

Bun maker Louise Laverick
Bun maker Louise Laverick
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YOUNG mum Louise Laverick has turned her passion for baking into a thriving new business.

The talented cook decided to put her hobby making cakes to good use. And already the idea for the money-making venture is rising faster than the perfect sponge.

Louise, of Ivy Terrace, Lane Head, Brighouse, has only been in business for a month and she’s been overwhelmed with orders for her decorated cupcakes and celebration cakes.

She launched the business, Cuppie-Cake Creations, at a stall at Elland Cricket Club on June 5, baking 130 cupcakes to sell. At the end of the afternoon only six were left.

“I was amazed,” said 24-year-old Louise. “The feedback I received was excellent. People came in and made a bee-line for the stall. They were coming back two or three times to stock up. It’s great to think I’m making something that people enjoy.”

Her cupcake creations - double choc fudge, chocolate mint, red velvet, strawberry swirl and lemon sensation - went down a storm as did her cake pops - decorated sponge lollipops at £1 a time - and cake truffles.

Louise and her husband Jay have two daughters, Chloe, aged five, and Nieve, almost one. She started baking with her mum when she was child and regularly makes cakes for her friends and colleagues at Hewett and Associates where she works as a dental nurse. She’s also keen to encourage her own daughters how to cook.

“I just discovered I had a knack for it. I’m dyslexic so I don’t much like sitting around reading, I’d rather be making something. Going into the kitchen, getting out my baking equipment and producing a batch of cakes is my way of relaxing.

“I’ve got a secret ingredient I put in my sponge mixture to make it so light. People are always asking me for my recipes but I’m not going to pass them on because they are what my business is about!”

Louise makes all her cakes in her kitchen at home and bakes well into the night to meet an order. “I don’t believe in putting cakes in the freezer so I make sure all my cakes are as fresh as possible.”

She’s already been booked for an event in Bradshaw near Halifax this summer and she is unable to take on any more orders for Father’s Day.

She’s brimming with ideas for novelty and celebration cakes and her dream is to open an old-fashioned tea-shop where she can serve up her mouth-watering creations.

“One of my best-sellers is a box of six cupcakes for £7.50. People buy them for gifts and parties and I can customise them to any design.

“It’s a good business to get into because there’s always someone’s birthday or a special occasion to celebrate. I’ve got lots of ideas for cakes for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas. When I was on the stall at Elland a man came along with a pint of Guinness in his hand and that made me wonder if it would be possible to make a cake with Guinness in it. I like experimenting with new flavours. Cupcakes are big business in America and they are catching on here. I have no idea how the business is going to go but I’m the type of person to give it my best shot and so far I’m really enjoying it.”

l The first mention of the cupcake dates from the end of the 18th century when a recipe for ‘a cake to be baked in small cups’ was written in an American cookery book.