Brookfoot hill under scrutiny

CALDERDALE councillors have agreed to continue monitoring the road condition of one of Brighouse’s most notorious roads.

A detailed report was produced at the meeting of Calderdale Council’s economy and environment scrutiny panel which gives an account of the condition of Brookfoot Lane.

The report was requested after members heard the concerns of Brighouse Road Safety Committee Chairwoman Ann Rutherford and vice-chair Pat Oates about the road, which is often slippery, dangerous and is causing difficulty for drivers. They also noted the amount of mud on the road which was causing problems.

The report says that Marshalls has taken action to address the problem of the mud by installing wheel washing facilities and have provided an additional sweeper to keep the roads clear.

The structural condition of the road is mainly in good and satisfactory condition with two areas showing as poor. These are the bottom of the hill and on the Hazel Lea to Marshalls section.

Staff at Marshalls have reported a number of concerns including trees and bushes overhanging into the road causing the vehicle into the centre of the road, and a slight bulging of the retaining wall which could cause a construction in carriageway width.

Ian Gray, director of economy and environment, said: “The concerns regarding road safety on this challenging road are acknowledged in this report. Accident figures do not indicate trends which should give cause for concern. It is, however, important that standards of highway maintenance reflect the difficult nature of this route.”

The council has agreed to monitor the skid resistance on the hill, carry out minor maintenance to the road surface, cut back overhanging trees and bushes at the top side of Brookfoot Lane and inspect the bulging wall.

They will also continue to inspect and monitor road conditions in respect of mud on the highway, investigate the option for widening the road and redirecting pedestrians on the alternative route and investigate options to improve signing on the hill as suggested by Marshalls.