Blueprint is gathering pace

Coun Colin Stout
Coun Colin Stout

PLANS for the local development framework in Brighouse are gaining momentum.

Residents who attended the Brighouse Ward Forum were told that the plans are now moving on to the next step and that a feedback document which will set out what people said, and how this can be used to inform the local development framework for Calderdale will be produced towards the end of July.

In March, the planning team carried out consultation on the LDF which is the way the council presents its proposals for the use and development of land.

It covers all aspects of how people use land, not just things that need planning permission.

The draft plan will be available around December, and the team will then consult with residents at ward forums.

Brighouse councillor Colin Stout said everyone should be getting involved and participating.

“This will give us as the local residents more say,” he said. “It isn’t like the UDP - Unitary development plan - and it isn’t fixed for ten years it will be an open running programme so as the situation changes you will be informed from the word go.

“It is important that every section of our community whether young or old you need to be involved and keep your eye on what is being proposed so you as a community can disagree or support it.

“The LDF is the most important thing to be happening in Calderdale, a rolling developing programme, and it needs groups that can take it on and put forward decent opinions where it is needed.”

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