Bid to slow down village speeders

Members of the Clifton Village Residents Association campaigning for road safety improvements in the village
Members of the Clifton Village Residents Association campaigning for road safety improvements in the village

A major campaign to improve road safety in a quiet village has been launched.

A petition containing more than 500 signatures will be handed in at the next full council meeting on November 27 calling on Calderdale Council to introduce road safety improvements throughout the village of Clifton.

Clifton Village Residents’ Association has significant concerns regarding speeding in the village and wants the council to work with village residents in introducing measures to address these concerns.

Head teacher at St John’s Primary Academy, Helen Lever, is also a member of the residents’ group and said that Clifton was used as a rat run.

“There is a lot of concern about the speed of traffic that goes through Clifton which is a short cut for cars going to the M62 in particular New Street and Towngate which are quite long straight flat roads. We have real worries and concerns especially with the fact that the school and a park are right against Towngate.

“We know some of the councillors are running a ‘20 is plenty’ campaign but we are concerned with how long it seems to be taking when all we want to do is save lives.

“That is why we are campaigning and really encouraging households to return the questionnaires that have come through the post.”

Mrs Lever said some of the pupils from the school had conducted speed checks with PC Liam Hay from the Lower Valley neighbourhood policing team along Towngate when they found eight or 12 motorists speeding in an hour. “We were all stood there in high vis vests and a policeman was in the middle of the road and some motorists still didn’t slow down,” she said.

“It is an increasing problem and we are getting frustrated with how we can get people to think about just slowing down.

“We realise the speeding issue especially around schools is a Calderdale problem. I go to meetings with other primary school head teachers and they all say the same things and head teachers that have got speed humps say it does make people more aware.”

The petition was handed out to people at the Faffen Fuffen event held in June earlier this year. But considering it is only a small village with around 800 houses or so the petition shows the strength of feeling.

“They are all genuine signatures which shows the strength of feeling in the village to campaign for an issue they all think is important.”