Beside the seaside, beside the sea!


Visitors to the Harrison Lord Gallery in Brighouse took a trip to the seaside at the weekend when more than 50 new paintings of coastal scenes went on view.

Gallery owner Steven Lord said: “After this long hard winter, we all felt in need of a much-deserved tonic such as a trip to the seaside. We feel this exhibition showed off the British seaside at its best.”

The exhibition featured scenes of the coastline from quaint harbour scenes to the cliffs of Yorkshire and Scottish lochs.”

The exhibition, ‘In the Harbour’, attracted collectors and new customers and many paintings sold throughout the day.

The gallery is expecting the high level of interest to continue until the exhibition closes on May 11.

‘In the Harbour’ features works by Sue Nichol, Sheila Venamore, Anne Aspinall, Nola McGaul and Emily Mugridge.

The next show at the Harrison Lord Galley is the second annual Fresh Faces exhibition, a mixed show focusing on artists new to the gallery. It will run from May 18 to June 8.