Backing for ‘Save shop’ campaign

Stoney Lane estate shops, Lightcliffe
Stoney Lane estate shops, Lightcliffe
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ONE of the suppliers to Patel’s Convenience Store in Lightcliffe is supporting the shop’s petition to keep it open.

Steve Parfett, chairman of A. G. Parfett and Sons Ltd has written to Pennine Housing over its plans to demolish the premises on the Stone Lane estate and redevelop the area for houses.

He said: “The parade of shops is run down which means that it is even more to the credit of Shila Patel that she has remained as the only shop in the area serving the needs of the local community. Of all communities, the social housing sector is one which needs and values local services provided when and where they are needed, and Patel’s Convenience is surely a shining example of such provision.”

Mr Parfett is asking that the plans be reconsidered to give proper thought to the needs of the community and to recognise the loyalty that Mrs Patel has shown them.

“It may well be that the area needs investment and rejuvenation, but surely that should include provision for local, convenient shopping facilities. I don’t doubt that Mrs Patel would be delighted to work with you to achieve this, and that a suitable format store with accommodation could be included in your plans.

“As suppliers to Mrs Patel we would be delighted to work with yourselves and Mrs Patel to show you just how attractive and professional such a store could be, and how this could be a real alternative to the distant, faceless superstores which would otherwise be the alternative to residents, taking jobs and profits away from the local area and the community.”

Residents will get the chance to meet with members of Pennine Housing to discuss the future of the parade of shops.

More than 500 residents have signed a petition set up by Mrs Patel.

The meeting will be held at Laburnum Grove Centre in Lightcliffe, on Monday, April 23.

It starts at 6.30pm and all are welcome to attend.