‘Anti-drink driving campaign must never stop’

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A WEST Yorkshire campaigning group has slammed the Government for failing to promote an anti-drink driving message at Christmas for the second year running.

The Campaign Against Drink Driving said everything needed to be done to counter the misconception held by some motorists that alcohol did not affect their ability to drive.

Spokeswoman Carole Whittingham of Rastrick said: “At CADD we believe that the Government’s decision not to run an anti-drink drive campaign over the festive period is a short-sighted one that saves money before lives.”

Mrs Whittingham said it was a hard fact that the consequences of drinking and driving would be the loss of lives.

“We enjoy the festive period as much as most other people. But, at the same time, we are acutely aware that more alcohol is consumed at Christmas yet some people believe that this does not affect their ability to drive.

“This misconception can and does lead to fatal results not just to the drunk driver but to innocent people,” she said.

“We want to get the message not to drink and drive across to every driver.”

CADD provides support for the families of victims killed and injured by drunk or drugged motorists.

Since its formation in 1985 more than 4,000 victim families have come to CADD seeking help after losing loved ones killed by drunk or drugged and irresponsible drivers. Others have suffered serious injuries caused by criminal drivers.

Mrs Whittingham said: “We know that drinking and driving costs lives and we are asking drivers ‘Have you got the bottle not to do it?’ this Christmas.”

llCADD urgently needs more volunteers for the charity’s helpline.

Helpline staff are needed who can work on a regular basis or provide support when one of the regular helpers is unable to work on a particular day.

The CADD helpline offers an invaluable service to people caught up in the trauma of road death and injury, and provides support and practical advice.

To find out more contact 0845 1235543.