Annaliese’s story is an inspiration to others

Author Annaliese Morgan (left) and Illustrator Kate Crowther with their book Desperate Housepets.
Author Annaliese Morgan (left) and Illustrator Kate Crowther with their book Desperate Housepets.

BY the time she was 30 Annaliese Morgan had most of her achievements under her belt, the rest have been over the last three years.

The 37-year-old is a single mother of two and has overcome adversities that many people wouldn’t encounter in their lifetime yet alone in 30 years.

Setting goals and achieving is therefore something she knows she can do. While she is growing her business Fuchsia in Brighouse set up in 2008 and in the process of writing her sixth book she is also finding the time to give back to people too.

Her blog has proven to be extremely popular. It concentrates on her current journey, things she has learnt and feelings.

“I’ve had a pretty traumatic life and achieved a huge amount and continue to do so,” she said. “I am passionate about inspiring, encouraging others particularly women, that they can achieve and have what you want, despite your situation and what life has thrown at you.”

Her brother lost his life two weeks after turning 30, she lost her father as a young teenager and nearly 14 years ago Annaliese was hit on a motorbike by a car driving at 70mph, catapulted into a brick wall and left for dead.

She spent the next three months in hospital, going from Intensive Care to realising she couldn’t walk. Everyday for months, Annaliese spent hours on physiotherapy learning how to walk for a second time. “You have two options, you do it or you stay in your wheelchair. You have to have a focus,” she said.

The day finally came when Annaliese started to walk again. “I have racked up 11 operations so far and I deal with the issues it has left me with and I take most of it in my stride,” she said.

Annaliese considers herself lucky but there are some things she still can’t do and most likely never will, like playing football with her two sons, Max, 11 and Woody, five.

“It depends on the way you look at things. I try not to get upset and concentrate on the things that I can do,” said Annaliese, who lives in Huddersfield. “It is all about learning what to do and how to do it and how to change your life so it is how you want it. You don’t have to become a victim to situations. There are ways of creating the type of life you want.

“I would always encourage people to follow their hearts and passion and do what they love doing both professionally and personally.”

She said people should surround themselves with those who are inspiring, positive, share their vision and are supportive.

As well as running her own business, Annaliese is spending her time on her books. She will be bringing out an ebook entitled: How did I get here? and she is still working on her sixth book, still under wraps.

Annaliese will be at the Ladies 4 Networking meeting on September 18 at Prego’s.