Action over speed limit

Bailiff Bridge residents who are campaigning for road safety measures along Birkby Lane
Bailiff Bridge residents who are campaigning for road safety measures along Birkby Lane

PROPOSALS to reduce the speed of traffic using Birkby Lane, Bailiff Bridge, have been put forward.

Residents living in Birkhouse Road have been campaigning to stop motorists speeding through their village since raising their concerns in November 2010.

And Calderdale Council appears to be listening to their concerns because it has now suggested moving the boundary between the 30mph and 60mph speed limits from the west of the former railway arch going downhill to the east in order to deal with some of their fears.

And providing a ‘buffer’ length of 40mph speed limit for a short distance to encourage reduction in speed down the hill from Cleakheaton towards the traffic signals at the crossroads.

There are currently no plans to reduce the speed limit further up the hill and it will remain at the national speed limit of 60mph. This is because the casualty rate and existing recorded vehicle speeds do not warrant a change.

According to the latest set of results by the speed indication device carried out by Calderdale Council there is no further action required along the road with regards to speeding at all.

The data shows that the average speed travelling towards Bailiff Bridge was 44mph and that the fastest speed recorded was 66mph, 6mph over the 60mph limit. The test was carried out on January 4 between 10.45am and 11.30am and recorded the speeds of 78 vehicles.

In the opposite direction, going towards Cleckheaton, the average speed of the motorists was 46mph and the maximum speed was 64mph. A total of 81 vehicles were recorded between the same times on the same day.

Again according to the results no further action is needed.

Councillor Graham Hall (Con, Hipp/Light) said he would be supporting the proposals to improve road safety on the stretch of road.

“This will make it safer for residents leaving and entering Birkhouse Road in particular, those crossing the Bikby Lane to take children to school and the shops, and the whole of Bailiff Bridge at the traffic light junction in particular,” he said.

“In addition, it is felt the people of Bailiff Bridge would also benefit from green man pedestrian crossing facilities on the junction itself once a scheme can be evaluated and progressed in the near future and I will be supporting local residents with their campaign to improve the junction safety.”