A great gran – and a pretty good skydiver!

Wendy Simpson of Oaklands, Rastrick
Wendy Simpson of Oaklands, Rastrick

GLAMOROUS great-grandmother Wendy Simpson is flying high after leaping out of a plane at 15,000 feet - at the age of 72.

Wendy had a wide smile on her face and showed no fear as she flew through the air on a tandem sky dive.

The Rastrick pensioner, who has six children, 13 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, is now joking that she would like to try a wing walk for her next feat.

“It was absolutely exhilarating. I’ve been on a high ever since and I don’t think I’ve come back down to earth yet,” said Wendy, of Oaklands.

She hopes that her daring deed has raised more than £500 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Wendy had breast cancer in 2005 and underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery at Calderdale Royal Hospital. Now fully recovered, she has not forgotten the kind support she received during her illness from the Macmillan nurses.

“They are such wonderful women. They allayed all my fears of the treatment and were so kind to me. I just wanted to give something back to say thank you to them.”

Wendy took part in the 120mph sky dive at Hibaldstow, Humberside, watched by members of her family.

“I kept expecting to feel apprehensive but the nerves never happened - not while we were having the briefing, not when we going up in the plane, not even while I was waiting to jump. It was just a pure adrenaline rush,” said Wendy.

“The instructor was so reassuring and kept talking to me and joking all the way down. It was a joy from start to finish. It was a lovely day and once the parachute had opened, I was able to enjoy the views from the Humber Bridge to the Pennines.

“I could see my grandchildren waving at me on the ground. The whole family is thrilled to bits that I did it.”

After landing safely, the plucky pensioner celebrated with her family.

Her six children - Sean, Caroline, Sheridan, Danielle, Scott and Antionette - have all sponsored her and encouraged her all the way.

“I feel a great sense of achievement,” said Wendy. “People tell me I don’t look my age and I certainly don’t feel it.”