A diamond day

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MIXED weather was not enough to stop the community spirit in Brighouse as neighbourhoods closed their streets for their jubilee celebrations.

Along with the 1950’s Diamond Jubilee Giant Street party in the town centre, many other streets were shut off as they had their own parties.

Neighbours joined together on Atherton Lane, Henry Street and The Spinney in Brighouse as they held their street parties with plenty of activities and laughter filling the air.

Young and old enjoyed their day as Little Tinkers and the Heartbeat Group held a tea party in the sun.

Norwood Green hosted their Jubilee Village fair with a variety of stalls.

Woodhouse childminders celebrated the weekend by holding a joint jubilee party where children enjoyed lunch, jubilee cup cakes and designed their own crowns.

Helen Moon’s childminders at Bracken Road, Brighouse, saw youngsters learn about the royal family and discussed how members of the royal family were related to each other.

Children at Lightcliffe Out of School club made a book of letters, cards and pictures to send to the Queen.