60 Minute Makeover challenge for Lidia

Cast and crew with Lidia Shinwell
Cast and crew with Lidia Shinwell

Putting on her dungarees, a Brighouse woman spent 60 minutes making over a house for a hit television show.

Lidia Shinwell, director of Preggo, was invited to be a part of the TV show 60 Minute Makeover on June 11, when the team redecorated a house in Huddersfield.

After putting the cast and crew up in her hotel, the Briar Court Hotel, for the nights before and after, Lidia spent the day mingling with the likes of Peter Andre.

She said: “It was a lot of work but it was really exciting. Everyone was so friendly and I just felt like a member of the family.

“I got to meet Peter Andre and he was a true gentleman and very nice.”

The episode will air around November.