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PASSENGERS are being caught short by the lack of toilets at Brighouse bus station.

Calderdale Council closed a toilet block near the bus station at Ganny Road in 2001 when facilities were improved in Thornton Square. But the town’s new bus station, which reopened after refurbishment in 2009, has nowhere to spend a penny - despite an increase in passenger numbers.

According to the council, the cheapest option for upgrading the disused toilet block, which is now in a poor condition, would be around £132,000. Rather than spend money on improving the block, the council’s recommendation is to demolish it at a cost of £10,000.

If the council opted for a little more luxury the cost would now be fast approaching £300,000But Coun Colin Stout (Brig, Ind) has questioned the council’s figures. “The Town Hall in Brighouse was bought for £136,000 - how can they talk about spending more than £130,000 on improving a couple of toilets?”

Councillor Stout said he had been inundated with calls in recent months from people complaining about the lack of toilet provision at the bus station.

“We do not want them to demolish the block. We want them to find a way to bring them back into use.

“Passengers who have travelled long distances and other people who need a toilet frequently for health reasons do not want to walk halfway across town to Thornton Square.

“There are no signs telling people where Thornton Square is. I want the council to look at this again and repair and reopen the toilet block.”

In 2008 three different options were drawn up for repairing the toilet block: the cheapest was £132,586 and the most expensive, which included providing a shop unit, was £278,117.

For full story see Brighouse Echo 21-07-11