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Karen's chocolate mocha Bundt cake
Karen's chocolate mocha Bundt cake

Karen Wright writes: It is dropping dusk as I start to write this week. I am in a brand new location for me. I am at Gatwick, no not the - airport but at a very lovely Caravan and Motorhome Club site. I can see four little bunnies bobbing around in the bluebells.

The reason we are here is we are heading down to Brighton for a week. It is our turn to visit our daughter and granddaughter, but also, I am appearing three
days over the weekend at the Foodies Festival. Time to demo those tartlets again!
It will be a task blind baking the pastry cases in my caravan oven perhaps, but I have all week to practice.
The caravan wardrobe is full of my festival robes, I can’t get away with regular camping clothes anymore!
When we arrived here the shop had closed so my task this evening is conjuring something up out of a couple of potatoes, a few carrots and an onion.
Options to go with it are either a tin of corned beef, so corned beef hash is an obvious choice, or I have seen a tin of Fray Bentos steak pie in the cupboard. John must have sneaked that into the shopping trolley, he loves them, but I do really like to make all my own things.
Speaking of comfort food, there has been so much of that in my kitchen all week. John and I have had the worst colds ever. I was really pleased not to have any
pressing engagements this week so at least I could coddle myself a bit.
We have had stew and dumplings, dumplings made with butter as we didn’t have any suet in the cupboard.
We had a shepherd’s pie made with Quorn mince, I like to do meat free but I have to trick John into joining me, I don’t mention the Quorn!
I made a good tagliatelle using mince but with added chorizo and laced with my spice of the year, smoked paprika.
On Saturday I was feeling a bit perkier so, we had a bit of an upgrade and had duck breast with blackberry and port sauce. I must confess here, I went to the port bottle and it was empty, so it was a blackberry and red wine sauce.
Yesterday my thoughts turned to showstoppers. When I was on the Bake Off my showstoppers got me out of the mire a few times, I came up with some belters.
I need something that looks fancy but is easy to put together. I came up with a chocolate mocha Bundt cake.
A Bundt cake tin is a ring tin with an elaborate design so it gives a cake a carved appearance.
Then I made some ganache to drizzle over it. I made some praline to scatter on the ganache and topped it off with piped cream and fresh fruit. It looked fantastic and tasted even better (see the picture).
I will be putting the recipe on my website soon.
Wishing everyone a fab May Day weekend and catch up with you all next week!
Stay Fabulous


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