The wedding belle of the hall

Kirklees Hall wedding at Hartshead Church - 1905
Kirklees Hall wedding at Hartshead Church - 1905

There was a time when newspapers would publish a number of wedding photographs every week. On busy week’s almost the whole of a page would display those who had walked down the aisle the preceding week.

Well of course times have changed and it is a few years now since we saw these featured in our local newspapers. There are still some magazines that show wedding photographs which are often referred to as ‘society weddings’.

This week’s featured photograph is one of those kind of weddings. A day when St Peter’s Hartshead church was the place to be. The date was Wednesday 19 July 1905, note it was on a Wednesday - mid week. Most weddings have always been at the weekend but society weddings have generally always been midweek. However, a survey carried out in 2013 found that more and more couples were having their wedding during the week rather than what for many would have been an occasion for a Saturday or Sunday.

The reason for this significant change is a simple one - no not to imagine themselves as members of the society set. The answer is simple economics a mid week wedding according to the survey is cheaper than one at the weekend. The number of couples getting married at the weekend has fallen by 67% whilst a further 15% have chosen Friday’s (according to the survey shown in the Mail On-line).

No such thoughts at this wedding of Miss Edith Beatrice the only daughter of Sir George Armytage of Kirklees Hall and Marjoribanks Kepple North, son of Charles North of Rougham Hall in Norfolk. This was a major event for the Armytage family in more ways than the marriage of Edith. The last bride to be married from the Kirklees family had been sixty years earlier.

Edith Armitage was a well liked young lady in the community and had taken herself to be involved with many activities in both Hartshead and Clifton. Well liked by so many ensured there would be a large crow on onlookers which not only included the tenants of the estate but also tradesmen from Brighouse, children from the village Sunday schools and many other local societies were represented.

Marjoribanks Kepple North was an engineer and was involved in the railway network constructed in Argentina on his return to England he was appointed as an engineering inspector to a local government board.

In 1906 they had a son George and daughter Arabella and lived at Little Germains

Chesham Buckinghamshire.

Returning to the photograph you can just see the couple who are walking through the church grounds and are surrounded by one of the largest gatherings ever seen at the church .