The time of year to start something new

Brighouse Kung Fu Club with Head Instructor Nick Thomas - c1995
Brighouse Kung Fu Club with Head Instructor Nick Thomas - c1995

The start of a new year is the time we all, well many of us or maybe just a few of us, look to start something new. Perhaps a new course at the adult education centre: “let’s learn a language, that sounds a good idea.” What about learning to play a musical instrument or take up playing one again? Or maybe take up jogging, a new hobby or interest - all good ideas.

This all sounds promising but how many have done this in the past and then stuck it out and still do it or actually completed the course? We all start these things with the best of intentions.

I am sure many of us joined things when we were at school - beavers, cubs, brownies scouts and guides or started to play a musical instrument.

Or like these young people who joined the Brighouse Kung Fu Club under the watchful eye of the head instructor Nick Thomas. I remember in the early 60s joining the late Maurice Reaney’s Barbell Studio, a weight lifting club in the town centre.

Mr Reaney visited our youth club at St Martin’s School and impressed all the lads when he demonstrated how to break six inch nails in half. Quite a few of us all thought: “Well we’ll have some of that” and we did. Sadly I didn’t stop that long.

Returning to our young kung fu club members in this week’s featured photograph, which I believe to have been in the mid 1990s. I wonder how many of these aspiring hopefuls in the Chinese martial art stuck it out and took it into their adult lives? I hope they did better at it than I did at weight lifting and breaking nails in two. Judging from the awards displayed on the front row they have certainly done well.