The mayor comes to tea

editorial image

This week’s featured photograph was taken outside the Brighouse cricket club tearooms in October 1957 and shows members of the Lower Clifton Old Folks Treat.

This was a group that ran for years but eventually closed down like so many others to become but a memory. These occasions always saw the mayor coming for tea, here it is Mayor Alderman and Mrs Harry Edwards. The event was attended by 65 guests all from that part of Clifton between Clifton Beck and the town centre. One notable absentee from this year’s annual event was the Treat chairman Councillor Samson Williams who was in bed ill, and was one of the rare occasions he missed.

This was one of a number of similar organisations in and around Brighouse, but sadly one by one over the years they all closed down. Other well established organisations would soon follow suit for either lack of members or no one was prepared to take on an official role at the organisation.

Included in this photograph are the Mayor and Mayoress Harry and Eliza Edwards and Treat committee members Deputy Mayor Leslie Hulme and Councillor Stanley Womersley.