Summer days with bands in the park!

editorial image

In this photograph are some of the members of the Lightcliffe Drum and Bugle Corps entertaining shoppers as they go about their Christmas shopping in December 1987.

Another interesting aspect of this photograph is the signage ‘Food Hall’ on the back wall. This dates back to the days when the former Park Chapel became an indoor market.

It was in 1982 when Park and several other Methodist congregations merged to form the Central Methodist Church. Park Chapel closed the following year with a number of suggestions being put forward for its future use. One put forward was to convert it into sheltered accommodation for elderly people with the adjoining open space being redeveloped for shops.

In 1985 building work started on the row of shops with the completed properties being partially shown on the left hand side of this photograph. But the sheltered accommodation idea never materialised and it was later converted into the Park Street Market.

In 1999 the market closed and the building after another internal makeover was opened on November 23 the same year by J.D.Wetherspoons as the Richard Oastler pub. Where the Christmas tree is behind the band was also incorporated into the pub as its beer garden.