School trip memories

Readers will have mixed memories of their school days whether it was the work you did, or perhaps your favourite teacher and of course the one you would choose to forget. But the one thing we all looked forward to was the occasion of going out on a school trip.

My favourite school trip took us from Lightcliffe Junior School to a day out to Chester in 1961 and was one of the few occasions I ever caught a train from the old Lightcliffe railway station. Other readers may remember school trips over-

seas. I am sure the trips to Switzerland in the 1950s for the girls at the Brighouse Grammar School are

events still talked about today.

In this week’s photograph dating back to May 1981 I am sure this roup of children from Longroyde Junior and Infant School will remember their day out to Colne Valley Victorian Museum.

A visit where they all had the chance to step back through time in a museum which is housed in a row of weavers’ cottages known as Spring Rock, which date back to 1845.

That is a date which also had some major significance in Brighouse with the passing of the Lighting Gas and Sewage Act. Life was going to change quite dramatically during the ensuing years particularly in the area of social improvements in everyday life.

Many of the rooms at the museum had been reconstructed to show how they would have looked at the time when it was occupied by a hand-loom weaver and his family and the conditions they lived in. That visit was 30 years ago and whilst these children will have aged and possibly their own children will be making the same school trip.

Colne Valley Museum remains steadfastly trapped in the mid-nine-teenth century still giving a first class historical experience for all visiting young children.

With the museum’s team of enthusiastic staff who help to re-create the past, and supervise a range of 19th century activities which includes baking, washing, ironing, weaving, spinning and traditional crafts it is a visit that will live long in the minds of all the children who over the years have visited.

Children love to use the authentic household articles, and can easily compare their way of life with that of a weaver’s child 150 years ago.

Washing with a Peggy tub and ironing with an old flat iron is some the children will remember long after they have returned to school.

In this photograph are some of the 33 children who went on the trip and all have dressed up in period clothes for the outing. The accompanying teachers from school were Mrs. Kathryn Elliston and Mr. David Stacey.