Santa’s helpers spread some festive cheer

Santa comes to Brighouse Co-op - 1980s
Santa comes to Brighouse Co-op - 1980s

One of Santa’s many helpers comes to town to meet local children and a few adults as well. This was at the Co-op in the 1980s.

Just seeing the children’s faces takes me, and no doubt many other older readers, back to our own childhood days when the excitement that Santa would be making an appearance locally, well you just could not get their or be taken fast enough.

I was only asked once to be Santa, and once was enough. Firstly I refused to do it unless I was given an outfit that fit and was not so worn out it looked almost threadbare. Then, having carried my duties for the occasion, the small children were great but those ‘doubters’ - you know the ones, all eight and nine year olds - they were hard work. It is not as simple as those who have not done it may think it is.

I am sure the young children in this photograph thought it was wonderful to see Santa on that day some 30 years ago.