Pupils greet Mayor Harry

Mayor Harry Nobbs with students at the annual Mayor-making ceremony
Mayor Harry Nobbs with students at the annual Mayor-making ceremony

Alderman Harry Clifford Nobbs JP, of Castle Avenue, Rastrick, who had been on the Brighouse council almost continually since 1933, succeeded Ambrose Broomhead as the 28th Mayor of Brighouse in 1959.

The mayoral election took place in the parish hall in Church Lane. With this event and the council business to be held on the same day being too large an event, the town hall chamber had become too small.

At his inauguration speech the new Mayor, whilst thanking everyone, spoke on a number of council matters. One in particular caught my eye.

The first of the new smoke control areas had been put forward to the Ministry of Health and he, and no doubt the rest of the Brighouse residents, would look forward to the time when more would be submitted and approved.

I think many readers will recall when the area did become a smokeless zone.

I wonder how many will own up to sneaking a little bit of old wood on the open fire, particularly at night when the smoke could not be seen? I know we did.

This was also back in the days when the coal man would call round street by street to deliver to his customers.

Among the specially invited guests were representatives from the district’s senior schools.

In this first of our featured 1950s photographs are the students who attended.

Pictured on the back row, from left to right, are: Michael Crowther and John L. Catton - Hipperholme Grammar School; David Fossard and John E. Walker - Rastrick Grammar School; John Clay - St Martin’s.

Front row, left to right: Miss V Hirst, from St Martin’s, who was jointly in charge of the students; Patricia Lumb - St Martin’s; Jean Walker and Maureen Crowther - Brighouse Girl’s Grammar School; and Mr A Unsworth, the deputy head at Rastrick Grammar School, jointly in charge of the students.

Students from both Victoria and Rastrick secondary schools were also invited but representatives failed to turn up.