Pull the other one!

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Most readers could be forgiven for not recognising where these Cubs are and when this photograph was taken.

The field was next to the Zion Chapel at Hove Edge and both the chapel and field were redeveloped for a housing scheme which became part of Chapel Street in the 1980s.

Whilst many churches and chapels in Brighouse and its satellite communities went through a period of celebration in the 1950s and 60s, centenaries and Golden Jubilees were common place. But with the arrival of the 70s many of them began to experience difficult times with falling congregation numbers and spiralling costs to maintain the fabric of the buildings.

In 1958 St George’s Mission at Norwood Green celebrated its Golden Jubilee but at the same time the United Methodist Free Church at Southowram was to close with nearly a hundred years of history and worship to its credit but repairs had finally proved too costly. Gradually over a period of time more and more of them closed.

The Zion finally closed in the 1980s and following this closure and subsequent demolition the Hove Edge Scout Association moved into some premises in Halifax Road.

This photograph was taken in the mid 1970s with many of the boys now in their late 30s – if any of the Hove Edge on this photograph are still in the area, what is it that you are all holding, what is that you have made?