Prisoner Cell Block H’ actress Queen Bea signs in

Bea Smith Cell Block H _0001
Bea Smith Cell Block H _0001

To followers of TV soaps names like Lizzie Birdsworth, Chrissie Latham and of course Bea Smith will mean just one thing these were all characters of the Australian Prisoner: Cell Block H TV programme.

Complete with wobbly sets and cell doors that did not clunk when slammed-to the show had a massive following and is now described as a TV cult show. The show ran from 1979 to 1986 which was 692 programmes giving many of the characters a fan base around the world.

I am sure many of Prisoner: Cell Block H fans will recognise the lady holding the pen. Better known to fans as ‘Queen’ Bea Smith the one who definitely ruled the roost at the fictional Wentworth Women’s Detention Centre.

Played by actor Val Lehman seen here on her busy public appearance schedule found time to visit the Kingsway Bingo in King Street c1989 to sign a few autographs for some of her many fans. Val is still very busy and there are lots of websites for the show and its individual characters.

The show was remade and in September 2014 the second series was on - now described as an explosive mix of sex, drugs and violence. Hmm, not your original tea time viewing programme as the original once was .