Pie and pea supper fed the gallery

St John's Christmas - 1956
St John's Christmas - 1956

Bramston Street headquarters in those days with a series of games and there was even a fancy dress competition.

Feeding the 150 that attended on the night - there was only one way to feed such a gathering and that was with the traditional pie and pea supper.

Guests on the night were given the rare treat of Fred Holt and Gary Boothroyd playing a bugle duet. I believe it was a first and was probably the last performance by these two stalwarts of the brigade.

Whilst Fred and Gary were getting ready for their performance other members of the St John’s Band were dressing up and then performed as the Faff and Fuffun Band.

For those not familiar with this band. The original Faff and Fuffun Band was created up at Clifton before the First World War. Members of the Clifton Prize Band dressed up in fancy costumes and played at a few events in Clifton village and were billed as ‘The Faff and Fuffun Band’.

The old prize band went through a major change in 1932 to become what is now the Clifton and Lightcliffe Band and has been based at Bailiff Bridge since that date.

Once the St John’s version of the old Faff and Fuffun Band had done their bit, out stepped Fred and Gary. They played their version of Bill Haley’s hit record as a duet on two bugles.

Returning to the photograph in the foreground is Leslie Hulme who had a lifelong connection with both the St John’s organisation and the band. Accompanying Leslie is his wife who went to live in Australia. After Fred and Gary’s – for night only – performance the dance music for the rest of the evening was performed by band members Peter Drake and Robin Leonard.