Oh what a lovely year that was . . .

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In August of 1990 the Kuwaiti people woke up to find Iraqi troops and tanks had swept across their country.

Earlier that year Frederik Wilhem de Klerk started to dismantle apartheid in South Africa and then Nelson Mandela was finally released. There were lots of major changes around the world that year.

Here in the UK things were changing as well including Geoffrey Howe’s resignation speech and Baroness Thatcher being forced to leave office.

A little closer to home a trail of destruction was left across Calderdale following the district being hit by 90 mph gales which left more than 2,000 homes without power. Our local fire service tackled a huge fire in October at the West Riding Camping Centre at Hipperholme and the following month the fire service had to deal with another big fire at an electrical company in Bramston Street.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though the Gala Queen in 1990 was Caroline White and her attendant was Andrea Rhodes, now I wonder if these two young ladies are still in the Brighouse area?

I wonder if these students at Brighouse High School can remember their 1990 activities.

In this photograph a number students are posing for their involvement in the school’s performance of Oh What A Lovely War the 1969 musical film. The film was directed by Richard Attenborough and starred Corin Redgrave, Juliet Mills, Ian Holm, Dirk Bogarde, Cecil Parker, Jack Hawkins, Kenneth More and Laurence Olivia just to name a few.

Who were the performers at Brighouse High in their performance? I am sure former students and those who took part will remember (left to right) the three members of staff are Paul Peek, Peter Thomas and Rod Archer (missing from this is Mary Anderson). But who are the students? Sadly my sources cannot say who they are they any of them are still in the Brighouse perhaps they will step forward and identify everyone for us.