Nativity rehearsals gather pace as the 
festive season draws near

Woodhouse School nativity - 11 December 1990
Woodhouse School nativity - 11 December 1990

Now into the last week of November many of our local schools will be gearing up for the Christmas activities. A Christmas Fair or will it be called a Christmas Bazaar this year? And of course the school year parties.

This is traditionally a very busy time for teaching staff. Children will be easily distracted from end of year school work because of all the great things to look forward to before the Christmas holidays. These children at Woodhouse School in December 1990 have certainly got into the Christmas spirit with their nativity.

I don’t envy the teacher who has to find them all a part in the play and then decide which of their class will play the lead roles and then you can only have so many angels and trees. Mind you a few years ago I do recall reading about a school in Birmingham where the teachers were really creative with the parts available for the children to play.

This Christmas play even had a Bethlehem pizza delivery man in attendance with the shepherds and the three kings.