... Lightcliffe Preparatory School

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Hipperholme Grammar Junior School is now a familiar name and place on Wakefield Road at Hipperholme but as time goes by fewer people will remember what it used to be called.

When I was the community policeman in the 1970s and 80s it was Lightcliffe Preparatory School, during the 1950s it was known as the Lightcliffe High School. It started life by being called Miss Field’s school in 1915. I well remember meeting one or two elderly people during the 70s and 80s who had attended the school when it was Miss Field’s school.

Visiting schools was something that all community policemen were encouraged to do. Not because the school had a poor reputation or was perceived by outsiders to be always in the news for the less attractive reasons. But the job description said it all ‘Community Policeman’. I like all my colleagues did visit all the schools, well almost all.

One day I decided to call at Lightcliffe Preparatory School, this was a first time. ‘We don’t visit private schools’ was one thing I was told by someone I felt should have known better. That was one comment I received after I let it be known I had visited this school and that I would be going back.

With the support of the head Mrs Jacky Pickersgill I visited the school on many occasions over the years and I was always given a warm welcome by staff and the students.

This photograph was taken at the school and dates back to March 1960 and is the cast of ‘The Strolling Players’ production.