Lightcliffe cricket club’s famous teas!

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Is the world getting to be a smaller place?

Over the 30 years I have been speaking to local organisations both here in the Brighouse area and many other parts of the county. With more and more enquires to speak beyond the county boundary I have noticed how the subjects of other speakers have changed over the years.

There was a time when looking at someone’s holiday slides of the Eastbourne, the Western Isles, Shetland, or even Spain and Portugal and on the rare occasion someone had actually been to America for a holiday was an absolute treat for the audience.

With air travel now being far easier and the more far flung destinations being easier to reach not only in ability to get there but on your pocket as well. Slide presentations now include China, touring the Australian outback or back-packing in Vietnam and even up ranges of mountains the likes of which many of us would just reader about in an atlas are becoming common place.

It’s not that many years ago we were sat in a village café in the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus where I met someone I had not seen for 35 years. In Spain almost 45 years ago we met an elderly man and his wife who lived in Cambridge but after the war years they lived on Elland Road in a police house.

Back in those days he was a police constable working from Brighouse Police Station patrolling the same streets as I was doing all those years later. These days you are more likely to bump into someone you know almost anywhere in the world.

Ten years ago we met a couple from Wakefield who were probably in their mid 70s and as you do we got chatting over a lunchtime drink. The inevitable questions followed where are you from and where do you come from soon followed.

When I said that we come from Lightcliffe he went in to raptures about the place, ‘What a wonderful place, the sun always shines on my visits and those teas’.

This couple were from the far flung corners of Wakefield ‘How do you know Lightcliffe?’ I asked.

‘The cricket club teas of course!’ It transpired that they had visited all the local cricket venues over the years and in their opinion teas at Lightcliffe cricket club were known of and spoken about throughout the local cricket leagues.

Now I had heard that rumour as well and while having had a few teas at the cricket club I would have to agree they are really good but sadly not having experienced teas elsewhere I just smiled when he compared them to everywhere else.

The teas I have experienced at Lightcliffe cricket club have been on the occasion of the club’s annual gala and fun day.

It is one of those events that I’m sure the children who have attended will say in their adult lives ‘Do you know we went every year and it was one of those days when the sun always seemed to shine? I can’t ever remember it being rained off’.

I hope by mentioning that I don’t put a jinx on it and it chucks it down all day.

Well, it’s that time again and the Lightcliffe Cricket Club gala is on Sunday, July 7, starting at 2pm. I’m sure the excellent Lightcliffe teas will continue to reign supreme, served up by the current generation of … I nearly said tea ladies but in this modern world I had better refer to them as the catering department!

This week’s featured photograph is dated July 12, 1992 – that’s 21 years ago – and I am sure many of the children sat on the grass will now be bringing their own children to this well organised and well supported community event.