Laying foundations for miniature railway

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The Brighouse Halifax Model Engineers Society was formed originally 80 years ago by a group of men who met in various places, including the Brighouse Co-op Café and the home of founder member Douglas Miller. With the intervention of the war in 1939 most of the members were drafted into the services. The activities of the society were severely restricted as the war effort took all the essential materials.

When hostilities were finally over the society started up again and in 1948 Mr Miller asked the members if they would like to join him in the construction of a miniature railway. He had a piece of land that was suitable, and the members willingly accepted his offer.

The society purchased the freehold in 1966 on the death of the founder and President. The Brighouse and Halifax Model Engineers is one of the few societies in the country which has the luxury and security of owning its own land. In this photograph of 1999 it shows some of the members involved in a refurbishment programme of work. For further information about the society and dates of its open days please have a look at its website