Kids wonder: ‘What does the future hold?’

Class 1 at St Andrew's School - c1981-82
Class 1 at St Andrew's School - c1981-82

In those austere post war rationing days the question being asked was: ‘What will the future now bring?’

Ever the optimist my grandmother would often ask me: ‘What do you want to be when you grow up? I am sure many readers would have been asked that same question.

Back in the 50s lads would give the typical reply for that time - fireman, policeman, engine driver or may be a pilot.

We can’t leave the girls out. For them it would be perhaps a nurse, teacher, air hostess or maybe a hairdresser.

Of course the answers may have varied depending on the age you were asked. For the younger boys and girls being a famous actor or actress would be certainly something to dream of.

If being an actor was not forthcoming for the lads then a cowboy could be second best or even to play in the same team as Stanley Matthews.

Whatever their answers would have been they all certainly wanted a dog like Lassie.

This week’s group of school children are in Class one at St Andrew’s School, Brighouse. Now I wonder if any of these children when asked did say they wanted to be a nurse and in later years achieved that wish?

This photograph was taken in 1981 and life has moved on a lot since then. If these ladies are still around they will now be approaching their fortieth birthday.