Is the cold snap on its way?

Boys clearing the snow outside Church Lane surgery
Boys clearing the snow outside Church Lane surgery

With many of us now switching the central heating back on and turning the dial up a notch or two I wonder if, as in this photograph taken in Church Lane, Brighouse in 1994, we can expect snow in a few weeks’ time?

The TV weather people tell us they have this fantastic new computer that will be able to project weather patterns much better and earlier than ever before.

I think I will hold back on the congratulatory comments when the snow and ice becomes less of a surprise to everyone.

If their projections are going to be that good, does it see the end of the without warning “snap” snowfalls we seem to get here in the UK?

If it does not, these two lads, who are probably now in their mid to late 20s, had better dust off their snow shovels again. Who are these two lads doing the good deed? Perhaps you are reading this now. Let me know who you are - e-mail: