Having a gander at Mother Goose

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This week’s featured photograph takes us back to 1951 and the Smith House estate children who took part in the pantomime, Mother Goose.

Smith House, like most other council estates, had a thriving community association back in those days when all the residents became involved in its activities.

Unlike Stoney Lane estate, Smith House had its own community centre which some of the residents had built.

We were always a bit jealous on Stoney Lane that they had a centre and we didn’t.

Older residents on Stoney Lane always maintained that the green in front of the estate shops was the intended place for a community centre, but of course it never materialised.

It wasn’t until the Jubilee Centre in the grounds of the then Eastfield School (now Hipperholme and Lightcliffe High) was built that Stoney Lane felt it had its own centre. But by the time of it being opened the Smith House centre had been so badly vandalised it had to be demolished many years earlier and the two estates were to share the new Jubilee Centre.

Returning to this photograph some of those children taking part are: N. Mahoney and Michael Mulvenny played Tap and Tip the brokers men, Brian Wood, L. Dowson, Jack Rawnsley, Rita Lumb, Margaret Dyson, Dorothy Ellis, Sam Rhodes, Allen Rawnsley, B. Maley, K. Thompson, M. Brown, B. Wood, N. Maley, M. Roe, N. Cheetham, P. Lumb, M. Holdsworth, B. Cornwall, M. Dwight, B. Allott, J. Marhoney, B. Holdsworth, B. Stewart, B. Ellis, N. Mahoney, M. Holland, B. Holdsworth, W. Dowson and T, Mahoney (some names from the 63 year old list I have appear to be repeated but the total number is the same - some could be what these days are known as typo errors).

If any of these children have lived through those 63 years they will be all in their mid to late 70s. If you are I would like to hear from you about those days when community spirit was very much ‘the norm’ for local families.