Happy holiday memories

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SUMMER is on the way out, the chill setting in and autumn fast approaching.

But as the children start school and the dark nights draw in, the warm glow of happy holidays still remains.

Some of you may even be sporting the tans from foreign shores or even staycations in this country now you are back at work - with no doubt many a holiday tale to tell.

Turning the clock back a few decades, many of you will have happy memories of bygone holidays too.

So let us take one last look at summer in this holiday snap from the 1950s.

It was taken at Butlins in Filey - where generations of local families spent their holidays - posing before setting off for some social cycling. Many of the people watching-on are Rastrick holiday makers.

On the cycle are Mr and Mrs H. Sutcliffe who lived in Crowtrees Crescent, and amongst the crowd are some of their neighbours and friends Mrs and Mrs Baden Saunders from Tofts Grove.

Although I never went to Butlins I well remember hiring a holiday tandem cycle at Wallis’s Caravan Camp at Reighton Gap which was not that far from Butlins at Filey.

This was our summer holiday destination back in the late 50s for a number of years. I found a fossil on the beach and for some strange reason took it home. I still use it as a paper weight.

The great news during one of the weeks we were there was that the Yo-yo world champion was coming. I also remember you could hire a radio for the caravan, it was always my job to go and get one from the office.

At the club room during the years we were there the music was provided by Graham Pinkney and his band. He is still performing in Devon where he lives.

I would be interested to hear about your childhood holidays and sharing any photographs of days.

I can be contacted at e-mail: enquiries@chrishelme-brighouse.org.uk

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