Good Times: Putting pub cash to good use in Africa

Marsha Jones on her visit to Gambia
Marsha Jones on her visit to Gambia

Marsha Jones from the Old Ship Inn on Bethel Street has recently returned from a trip to Gambia and took the money raised at the pub to put to good use.

The pub’s regulars raised just short of £1,000, thanks to a single donation of £500 from one of the customers who wishes to remain anonymous.

With the monies raised at the pub, Marsha confimed that they purchased a push bike for Muhammed Kano - he was having to take a taxi to and from work every day as it was too far to walk- now it takes him just over an hour and he cycles. Without this bike he would not have been able to keep his employment as it was not financially viable.

Marsha went into a small village called Dasalami and distributed rice to families who really needed it.

Marsha went to Serrekunda market and spent over an hour bartering for 100 pairs of shoes for both adults and children, then purchased 100 T-shirts and 35 wash kits which contained eight items in each.

Marsha and her travelling companions then had to take the ferry across where several friends helped to carry the load.

“We were unable to travel through the village to get to our Eco Lodge as the people would have mobbed us. We had to disguise the items and travel twice the distance going around the village.

“Once arrived at our Eco Lodge we created a raffle ticket system using pen and paper to ensure that everyone received an item fairly,” said Marsha.

During 2014 Marsha began working with the Big Smile Project Gambia, which has this year opened a school in Sukata, and with the generosity of the wonderful customers of The Old Ship, sponsored four children at a cost of £30 per child per year.

This ensures each child has a uniform and fresh food and water every school day, and it also pays the staff wages and upkeep of the school. Other donations received have purchased equipment from desks and chairs to paper, pens and books.

Marsha was able to carry out other donations and would be more than happy to fill you in at the pub should you call in.

She would also like to pass on her thanks to all those who donated, held events and travelled to the Gambia with her.

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