Good Times: Pub launches special edition T-shirts

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JD Wetherspoon’s pub the Richard Oastler, which plays host to several beer and cider festivals throughout the year, is via its website now selling commerative T-shirts with the date and which festival you have attended.

They are all priced at £9.99 and there are ladies’ T-shirts available in some styles.

I had a chat with duty manager Danny Gale and he informed me they have an array of Christmas real ales due in for the weekend and over Christmas using all local breweries in this area.

“We have twelve pumps and there is always a minimum of ten in use at any one time,” Danny said.

Also new to the pub, opening around eight weeks ago, is its extension into the building next door that was once a coffee shop.

It has glass doors that will open onto the front terrace in summer and a fire has been installed in the room for the winter.

“It feels very cosy in there at the moment and although it was used for eating and dining, it is very popular for people eating as it is away from the bar,” Danny said.

The pub’s beer garden, which is popular in summer, has also been extended with extra seating for around 30 people.

Pub manager Amanda McKenzie said: “We would like to thank our regular customers for their support over the past 12 months and they can now enjoy the benefits of the work carried out inside and of course when the warmer weather comes.

“From all the staff we wish customers old and new a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015.”