Gala float’s sobering message

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OVER the years I have highlighted different aspects of Brighouse Charity Gala, including the organisations, the individuals and the characters.

Many we have seen year after year and all have done tireless work to ensure the event is always a success.

Every year at the gala there are countless attractions, from a dog show to a duck race, talent on stage and in the main arena.

If you were lucky enough to come away with a prize, congratulations, and if you didn’t congratulations anyway because you have supported the charitable efforts this community event has always been noted for.

There was one year when Brighouse and District Crime Prevention Panel entered a float which featured a burnt-out car.

This was the idea of Colin Stout in the days before he was elected to the council.

The rest of the panel initially thought he was mad and obviously the float did not win. But what it did do, and this is why it was such a brilliant idea, was focus attention on a particular crime problem of that time – car theft and theft from cars.

A simple idea never done before at that time brought an instant response and curiosity from the visitors to Brighouse Gala that day in 1992. A day when almost everyone went home with the panel’s message about this problem.