Food favourites with artist Adam King - Jimi Hendrix and microwave cooking

Artist Adam King
Artist Adam King

Artist and teacher Adam King features in our Food favourites column.

There is no mistaking an Adam King painting. They are colourful and often contain tattooed figures that look like they have been carved from stone.

Leeds-born and bred, Adam went to Bootham School in York and then did a foundation course at Harrogate Art College. Aged 30,he went to Leeds Metropolitan University todoadegree, did his masters at York St John’s University and then teacher training at Huddersfield University.

He taught for 20 years at Harrogate Art College and settled in Scarborough where he has a house in Belmont Road and a two-storey studio in Gladstone Lane.

He is immersed in the art and cultural world of Scarborough. His work has been displayed at Scarborough Art Gallery, next door at Woodend in The Crescent and at the Coastal Gallery in Burniston.

How often do you eat out?

I eat out out about three times per week.

Locally, what are your three favourite restaurants

My favourite local restaurants are

Eat Me because the food is excellent and the atmosphere and staff are always very friendly and welcoming.

Lazenbys, because they do the most authentic moules and chips.

Tops Chinese restaurant, the most authentic Chinese food in town

What is your favourite cooking/food programme

My favourite cooking program is Celebrity Bake Off. I like the way non professionals cope with the challenges, much more entertaining than the professionals.

What is your favourite comfort food?

My favourite comfort food would have to be white toast, butter and marmite

You can eat anything, anywhere in the world, cooked by a chef of your choice, no expense spared, who would cook for you, what would they cook and where would it be?

My dream would to go to Singapore for an authentic noodle dish cooked by Ken Hom

Who cooks in your house? What do they cook?

I am the one who cooks so most of my meals are quick press and guess – microwave meals.

You are cooking to impress. What do you cook?

Cooking to impress would be lobster thermidor

You can invite five people to dinner. Past or present, famous or not – but please explain who they are and why they are important to you. What would you cook for them?

Jimi Hendrix, it would be amazing to spend some time with my guitar hero and hopefully he might bring along his guitar and play for us

Picasso, an amazing artist who was never afraid to try out new methods, subject matter and visual approaches.

Lord Byron, mad bad and dangerous to know. Would be very entertaining

Oscar Wilde, I have always loved his plays, wit and children’s stories

Finally I would invite Elizabeth Taylor, she would be able to tell some amazing stories and share her experiences

I would cook something simple like shepherds pie. Because I believe the company and conversation would be enough.

You can hire a private chef. Who would that be and why?

If I could hire any celebrity chef it would be Heston Blumenthal. This would be a complete experience in both foods and its preparation.

You are at the chippy. What do you order?

I would always order Whitby scampi and chips.

Who has been the biggest influence on you – food wise?

The biggest influence on my cooking has always been Mrs Beeton. I bought an old copy of her cook book more than 30 years ago and I still use it today.

Name your favourite song connected with food

10CCs Life is a Minestrone

What’s the one food you could not live without?

I could not live without my white toast and marmite

The one thing you cannot eat

I don’t eat eggs. I have never liked them

The condemned man/woman had a last meal. What would your last meal be.

My last meal would have to be Won Ton noodle soup