Fantastic day from 1992 . . .

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The banner being displayed at the front of this section of the procession in this week’s photograph says it is the Field Lane Kids Club Circus.

Don’t they all look terrific 22 years ago on that summer’s day back in 1992?

Field Lane estate was part of the early post war house building programme just as the Stoney Lane estate was on the other side of the town.

Back in the 1950s and 60s when I lived on Stoney Lane estate all the estates were encouraged to create a community spirit amongst the residents.

Many of them on both sides of town had been re-housed from the old terraced houses that were declared unfit to live in and became part of the 1950s demolition programme.

When the old terraced streets had gone the communities were cast to both ends of the town into one of the new estate houses with its all new mod-cons.

Many of the old neighbours lost contact with each other and had to build new communities.

This saw the birth of community associations and in some areas community centres.

These were places that were designed to hold events for the residents both young and old alike.

Sadly as the years went from the 60s into the 70s and heading towards the 1980s the old associations were beginning to close down.

Society was changing and the days of knowing all your neighbours and children being encouraged to go to aunty so and so’s for their tea because mum would be home a little later than usual was quickly becoming a thing of the past.

The days of the streets being the playground for all children was becoming more unsafe as each year went by with more and more households being able to afford some kind of motorised transport whether it was one of the old Ford Popular motor cars or a motor cycle and a sidecar.

During the 1980s and through to the 1990s I used to ask members my new neighbourhood watch schemes that I helped to form if they knew their neighbours five house either side of theirs and the five houses that face there house.

Interestingly very few did, a sign of the times. The old fashioned neighbourliness in many streets has almost been lost in the mists of time.

It was during the late 1990s and early 2000s that the community spirit on many estates was being revived and events as the one displayed on this photograph shows that perhaps community spirit is not quite dead and buried in some areas just yet.

I am sure that some of the children on this week’s photograph will still be in the Brighouse area and even now heading towards their 30th birthday will have just as happy memories.

Just as I have of the galas on Stoney Lane estate over 50 years ago. Happy memories of a day when the whole estate came together.