Familiar faces and tall tales

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REMEMBER the minister in the photograph, the Rev Harold Lancaster Taylor?

Before arriving at Lightcliffe he was the Curate at Mirfield and then at Halifax before being appointed the Vicar at St Augustine’s Church at Scissett.

He stayed there for seven years until he was appointed the Vicar at St Mathew’s, a post he held until 1955.

Another familiar face to many people in the Bailiff Bridge, Lightcliffe, Hipperholme and Norwood Green areas will be that of Florrie Leach.

She was a lady I met many times and always enjoyed her company particularly when we used to exchange stories about the days she was the doctor’s receptionist in Lightcliffe for more years than people could remember.

While we discussed some of the characters we had come across were very discreet when it came to some of the truly unprintable things they got up to!

Florrie’s father was Harry Leach who was the licensee at the Sun Inn at Lightcliffe in those pre First World War days.

Florrie often told me stories her Dad had told her about the days when all the local men from the area used to pass the Sun Inn making their way down Stoney Lane to the old gun club field long before there were any houses.