Encouraged to join a group or society

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As children many of us were encouraged to be ‘in’ something or ‘be a member of an organisation’.

For me I was in the local brass band at Clifton and Lightcliffe, whilst many of my old school pals joined the scouts, cubs, girl guides, brownies, beavers, the local amateurs or one of the many sporting organisations and, of course, all the others which are too many to mention.

Sadly from those childhood days as members get older it often means being members or joining anything falls by the wayside. I know that the pace of life is a lot faster than it used to be and many will say ‘we don’t have time anymore’.

This is very true of course but sad as well with many of the adult organisations now beginning to close through lack of members, or those made of sterner stuff are not prepared to do what I call one of the top table jobs.

I wonder how many of these children from March 1983, just over 30 years ago, are members of any organisations.

If you are, well done and stick with it, but if you are not a member, give it a go. You will enjoy it and will be made very welcome and will make many new friends.