Echoes of the past: The mystery of the school photo is solved

These are students from Clifton St John's school 1949/50
These are students from Clifton St John's school 1949/50

Happy New Year to everyone. Well, last week’s mystery photograph certain prompted a few readers to contact me. The initial answer was that it was possibly Longroyd School at Rastrick but then what turned out to be from an old friend of Looking Back.

Ann Rose (nee Holgate) spotted herself then aged about nine at Clifton St John’s school at Clifton as it was then called. The photograph was dated c1949/50 and was a school Christmas party. The children attending the school party were allowed to bring their younger brothers and sisters along. This answers the varying age range particularly those appearing to be under infant school age.

Children on the photograph include: John and Anne Peaker whose parents ran the village post office; Donald Helliwell; Keith Pape; Glyn Wilks; Pamela Squire; John Dransfield; Ann Holgate; Margaret Dransfield; Pamela Fearnley; sisters sheila, Jacqueline and Jennifer Pape; Janet Salter; Frances Wilkinson; Geraldine Whitehead whose family ran the village fish and chip shop Towngate and what is now a ladies hairstylists; David Peaker; David Smith; Mary Quarmby; Molly Broomfield; Jean Nicholson; Margaret Avison now Margaret Sharp the successful village author; Geoffrey and Winifred Lancaster; Caroline Moore; Ann Field; Joyce France who father was the local butcher whose business was partly run from a van; Jean Marshall; Brenda Booth. Jean Gannon; Hilary Whitaker and David Tart and his two un-named younger brothers.

Ann also pointed out that many of these children would have moved from the older village houses into some of the new development in Deep Lane which I also illustrated last week.

Many thanks to all those who contacted me.