Echoes of the past: New football kit for Rastrick team

Rastrick Juniors Football Club in 1995 wearing their brand new kit
Rastrick Juniors Football Club in 1995 wearing their brand new kit

This was certainly a big day for these young footballers and indeed the club - November 11 1995. Twenty two years ago - where have all those years gone?

This was a photograph taken of the Rastrick Junior football team members proudly showing off their new kit which had been kindly donated by Millers Oils.

I am sure looking at some of the sleeves, mums and dads would have been assuring the young members of their family who received the new kit. That they will grow into it, in time.

It almost reminds me of the days when younger members of families came in for their older brothers or sisters hand-me-downs. Whether it be their school gabardine or even their big brother’s bike or even his soccer boots.

Nothing has really changed. Over the many years I taught older people how to use a mobile phone. I was often told by the members of the class that their new phone was in fact a hand-me-down from one of their sons or daughters. Who had just got a new contract phone, which meant their old phone was now surplus to requirements. So you see that old concept of hand-me-downs lives on.

Well done to the two young players on the front row proudly holding up what appears to be individual awards. After all these years I wonder if any of these young players are still playing? Perhaps they are now some of the trainers of the current generation of young aspiring footballers at the club.

For more information about the Rastrick Junior football club and the good work they do. Have a look at the club’s website