Echoes of the past: Memories of school days gone by

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The year is 1995 and it is the occasion this group of students from Cliffe Hill School in Stoney Lane, Lightcliffe are wearing a T Shirt to celebrate the fact they had a full attendance at school for the 1994 / 1995 school year.

This photograph was taken in the grounds of the school but there is no clue on the photograph who these children are. The lady sat amongst the children is Mrs Simpson, one of the Education Welfare Officers for the Brighouse area.

It is 22 years since these children posed for this photograph, I am sure many of them will be celebrating their 30th birthday’s very soon.

They will all have different memories of their years at the school. Some good and I dare say just one or two they would like to forget, but overall a good and happy time. Just as I did back in the early days of the school when it opened in the 1950s.

From Junior school I went to St Martin’s Secondary Modern School in Church Lane Brighouse. Like me I am sure many of those who were at St Martin’s in the 1960s will remember Miss Pauline Law, the deputy head teacher.

Miss Law later to become Mrs Pauline Robinson was the music teacher. For many years she had strong connections with the Halifax Thespians, in all its many departments. I last saw Mrs Robinson about 12 years ago when I invited her to one of my presentations at Brighouse library. She came, and still had that look which made all St Martin’s students a bit nervous. But it was a delight to see her after so many years and she was very pleased that I had invited her.

Ex St Martin’s students will all have many different memories of her. I was saddened to hear that she passed away on the May 9, aged 87 and the funeral was held on the 26th. Which I only heard about two days later, otherwise I would have been there.