Echoes of the past: Gala success is all about volunteers

Children bouncing happily at the 1992 Lightcliffe Cricket Club Gala
Children bouncing happily at the 1992 Lightcliffe Cricket Club Gala

Now we are into October another gala season has come to an end. It’s time to put the roller coin, the footballs used in the beat the goalie competition and the unused bran-tub prizes back in the cupboard. The ducks will take a well earned rest from their racing activities during the hot summer and all the cake stalls can be put away for another year. Mothers can take a breather from what to make for their child’s fancy dress competition outfit and put the cake tins away for another year.

It has been a lot of hard work and the usual army of helpers have all contributed to make the event another success. The problem always arises at this time of year when committee members decide to stand down or may be a new chairman will be needed and who will be the parade marshals for next year? These are positions that get harder and harder to fill as each year goes by.

Whether it be the Brighouse Charity Gala, the town centre’s 1940s weekend, the village fete or a summer activity at your local school the organisers of these events will always welcome volunteers. Go on have a go and offer to give a few hours of your time for the benefit of the town, village or school.

The children on this bouncy castle are having a great time. This was Sunday 2 July 1992 at the Lightcliffe Cricket Club Gala. Just one of the many local events that are supported each year. These children could well be now almost 30 years old and may already be helping the cricket club with its present day gala, if not, and you can find a few hours give it a go.