Echoes of the past: Fondly remembering school days

Pupils from Hipperholme infants school in 1929
Pupils from Hipperholme infants school in 1929

I am sure most of us will remember the day the school photographer arrived to take the annual photograph.

You would have been given a note to take home for your mother a week earlier. That was to remind mums to make sure you looked presentable the day the photographer was visiting. Shiny shoes or boots, ties fastened, hair combed, socks pulled up and no funny faces.

Here is one from 1929. The source of the photograph told me it was children from Hipperholme infants school. However, most Lightcliffe people will recognise the stone steps in the back ground. Those steps led the way from a doorway on to the grass frontage of Lightcliffe C of E School.

Looking at these children, who would now be well into their 90s. Mum would be pleased that socks are pulled up, hair nicely groomed, no funny faces and have also done as the photographer will have instructed them ‘...and don’t move...’,hence no smiling faces.

For many families the school photograph would be one of the few opportunities of having their children photographed. No mobile phone selfies in those days not even a box brownie.

I also suspect many parents would not have been able to afford to spend money on photographs either.

This would have meant the school would end up with many photographs that were never purchased.

Most schools even today will have countless old school photographs of pupils who would now be well into adulthood. Now here is a thought, schools could be sitting on a small gold mine in these days of struggling finances.

The old school photographs dating back to the 1960s could be scanned and I am sure the pupils now many years older would be pleased to buy their old school photograph now.