Echoes of the Past: Excited for a ramble around Wellholme Park

Among the map readers is Sir Donald Thompson
Among the map readers is Sir Donald Thompson

Judging from his shiny shoes I doubt whether he would be venturing on the muddy trek around the park.

But, as always, you were assured of his support.

Walks in the park, now fun runs, whatever next you might think.

How about an open air cinema?

One or two readers might just be thinking ‘been there, done that’.

For anyone that can remember, the open air cinema in the park was tried, just the once.

It was reported that 600 people turned up.

In case of inclement weather the programme would continue at the Oddfellows Hall.

Now, having been to the Oddfellows Hall (it was demolished c1970) I cannot imagine how all those 600 people would fit inside.

No doubt a good idea at the time but not one to be repeated.

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